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Polish furniture - an export hit

Wyślij Print Pobierz added: Anna Woińska | 2017-12-20 14:56:10
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Furniture manufacture is a strongly growing industry in the Polish economy, with global importance and a large growth potential. Poland belongs not only to the European but also to global leaders in the production and export of furniture.

According to data from Eurostat, at the end of 2015, over 16 thousand of furniture manufacturers were registered in Poland. This makes Poland the second largest manufacturer among the countries of the European Union. Only Italians are ahead of us, with over 18 thousand of manufacturers registered in the furniture sector. We outranked countries such as Spain, Germany, France or the Netherlands. Currently, in the entire EU there are approximately 120 thousand companies from the furniture industry registered.


The value of the sold production of the Polish furniture in the last year amounted to PLN 42.5 billion (an increase by 3.4 billion compared with the previous year). According to KPMG, forecasts for the coming years are also optimistic. It is assumed that by 2020, the value of the sold production sold will increase to almost PLN 50 billion.


Furniture manufacturers have obtained the second position among the industries in terms of net exports, immediately following manufacturers of parts and accessories for motor vehicles.


In 2016, Poland was the fourth among the world’s largest furniture exporters. The first place was occupied by China, which accounted for more than 37% of the world export. The second and third places were occupied by Germany (7.2%) and Italy (5.6%), respectively.



More than 90% of the national production is intended for export, with as many as 87% going to the European markets. According to the data from the Central Statistical Office of Poland, the value of export in 2016 amounted to PLN 40.5 billion. The Polish manufacturers sold most furniture to Germany (36.2% of the entire export), the United Kingdom (8%) and the Czech Republic (7%). The Polish furniture has customers also outside the European Union, in countries such as the USA, Russia, China.



Furniture elements dominate among export products. In 2016, the export of this group of goods was estimated at EUR 2.7 million. The next export groups are upholstered furniture (EUR 2.57 billion) and furniture for the living and dining rooms (EUR 1.8 billion).


The furniture industry is one of the largest employers in Poland. The entire furniture industry employs almost 180,000 people, making it the fourth industry in Poland in terms of employment.



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